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Use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control your computer

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What is Assistant Computer Control?

AssistantComputerControl, or ACC for short, uses IFTTT and your favorite cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) to connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to your computer!

Control your computer using Google Assistant

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Use the Google Home / Nest devices, or any Google Assistant powered devices to control your computer (phone app too)

Control your computer using Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot

Use the Echo Dot or any other Amazon Alexa powered device (as well as your phone) to control your computer.

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What can it do? - action list

ACC combines your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa assistants and your computer - allowing you to do all sorts of things on your computer, using your voice!

As of the latest version, there are 31 actions!

Hey Google, | Alexa, turn off my computer
Hey Google, | Alexa, restart my computer
Hey Google, | Alexa, open my favorite game
Open all
Hey Google, | Alexa, open my work files
Hey Google, | Alexa, put my computer to sleep
Hey Google, | Alexa, hibernate my pc
Log out
Hey Google, | Alexa, log out of my computer
Hey Google, | Alexa, lock my computer
Hey Google, | Alexa, mute my computer
Hey Google, | Alexa, unmute my computer
Toggle mute
Hey Google, | Alexa, toggle mute on my computer
Set Volume
Hey Google, | Alexa, set pc volume to 40
Music: Next track
Hey Google, | Alexa, pc next track
Music: Previous track
Hey Google, | Alexa, pc previous track
Music: Previous track x2
Hey Google, | Alexa, pc previous track times two
Music: Play/Pause
Hey Google, | Alexa, pc play pause
Stop ACC (die)
Hey Google, | Alexa, kill acc
Monitors Off
Hey Google, | Alexa, turn off my monitors
Message Box
Hey Google, | Alexa, display message box to all class computers saying get off Facebook |or| message box saying I'm awesome
Create File
Hey Google, | Alexa, create my daily diary file
Delete File
Hey Google, | Alexa, delete that folder I don't like
Append Text (edit file)
Hey Google, | Alexa, write to my log file captain's log 02/10/2064, still no sign of life
Write Out
Hey Google, | Alexa, write to my log file ACC is awesome!
Minimize All Windows
Hey Google, | Alexa, minimize all windows on my computer
Maximize All Windows
Hey Google, | Alexa, maximize all windows on my computer
Stop process
Hey Google, | Alexa, kill process Spotify
Move file / folder
Hey Google, | Alexa, move my workfiles to the bin
Key Shortcut
Hey Google, | Alexa, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
Mouse click
Hey Google, | Alexa, click on my screen
Hey Google, | Alexa, wait 5 seconds
Move mouse
Hey Google, | Alexa, move mouse to X

AssistantComputerControl is highly customizable - you can make your own applets and change almost everything in the settings. In the documentation you will find detailed articles on how to;

  1. Make your own applets
  2. Use Google Drive instead of Dropbox
  3. How ACC actually works (technical)
  4. A detailed look at all the actions
  5. Troubleshooting - fix issues yourself
  6. and much more...
Click here to go to the documentation-site
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About the software
AssistantComputerControl was first released in December 2017 and is made by Albert MN. as a free-time hobby project.
The application is open source and free - the source code can be found on GitHub.

Since version 1.0.0 which was released the 19'th of July 2018, ACC has been downloaded by different people from 206 different countries

Donations are very welcomed and will go to covering the growing hosting and domain-expenses.

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