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Hey Google, | Alexa, open my favorite game

What does it do?

This action allows you to open files and folders on your computer!

You can open anything at any time - using just your voice.

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This section is for those who wish to modify this action.

This action was added in v0.3.0

  • Description: Open file or folder located in Documents/AssistantComputerControl/shortcuts/ if no full path is set. If the parameter is a full path, the file/folder at the full location will be opened.
  • Parameters:
    • File path (required)
      • Type: Full path or name of file
      • Description: Full path to the file or folder you wish to open. This can also simply be the name and extension of the file, if the file is located in the shortcuts ACC folder, which is located at Documents/AssistantComputerControl/shortcuts. Use backslash (\) instead of normal slash (/) for full paths. (please note that if you wish to open shortcuts, the extension is .lnk, L, not i)
      • Example: open:C:\Users\myuser\Documents\Music\my_music.mp3 or if the file is located in the shortcuts folder; open:my_music.mp3
    • Secondary: Argument (optional)
      • Type: Text
      • Description: If you wish to pass arguments / parameters to the file you're opening, it's defined here.
      • Example: open:C:\Documents\my_batch_file.bat{this will be passed as an argument}

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